Not having ESP is like having a smartphone with no internet connection

Girl with smartphone without internetWithout the internet you still have access to all of the data stored on your phone, but not to the vast amount of information available throughout the world and beyond.

Everybody can use their brain to store information that they read and see and hear, and you can too. You can access and use that information whenever you need it.

But what about information that is hidden from your eyesight, your hearing, your senses of touch, taste, and smell?

Only 10% of people - just 1 person in 10 - have developed the ability naturally to use their ESP to detect information that is hidden from everybody else.

Without ESP, the data you can access will be limited to only what you detect with your physical senses, and what you have stored in your brain consciously.

Having ESP is like having access to the internet and all of the information that it contains, including everything that is taking place right now.

Are you missing out?

When you are shopping, you will not have access to the product reviews and user experiences that are plentiful on the internet.

Your brain can store your own experiences, but without without ESP there are limits to who you can share your experiences with.

While your friends are posting information about their activities, you won’t know about it until you contact one of them in person and they update you on it.

If you're not connected, you won’t be able to:

  • Access the enormous amount of information available on the internet
  • Communicate at any time with family, friends, restaurants, stores
  • Obtain advice and specific instructions to help you solve problems for yourself and others
  • Give and receive recommendations to make better choices
  • Call for help when you have an emergency
  • Help loved ones, family, and friends when they have an emergency

Start using your natural God-given intuition

Everybody has a mind, but 90% - 9 out of 10 people - only use their mind locally.

You can type, talk, take selfies. When you are with other people, you can record them and access the recordings whenever you desire.

The good news is: It is easy to make the connection so you can use your natural God-given intuition to connect with everybody and everything in the universe.

Once you make the connection, then - just like with a smartphone - you need applications for your specific needs, and learn how to use them.

It only takes a couple of days to get started. After that it is just a matter of practicing and using your newfound capabilities to communicate and solve problems.

Learn to use your ESP and remove the limitations that are holding you back

Your mind can go places your body can't go:

  • Your eyesight cannot see around a corner to alert you that danger is approaching.
  • Your ears cannot hear a business owner across town asking where they can find a supplier or an employee with your skills, but your mind can
  • Your eyes cannot see an opportunity that is not within your field of view, but your mind can detect it

Nothing can block your mind... except you.

If you are not using your mind to help you avoid danger and seize opportunities, then it is like you don't even have a mind.

The good news: It is very easy to free your mind. more...

Your Genius Mind knows things that Google doesn't know

ESP is not limited by time or space or physical barriers.

  • Your mental communications can’t be blocked
  • Information cannot be hidden from you
  • You can learn to tell if someone is lying to you
  • Your ESP is always available and free to use
  • When you know what to do, it is instant, reliable, and verifiable

Note: There is a lot of material on the internet about Jose Silva's work and the courses he created... but the actual coursework - the conditioning cycles - is not on the internet for free. more...

Solve problems and leave behind a better world for those who follow

In the UltraMind ESP Systems, all of our programming is done in ways that help more than just one person.

  • As Mr. Silva observed: "The world was not made for just one person."
  • Jose Silva Jr. calls UltraMind: "A new way of living."

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